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I’m an entrepreneur, lecturer, designer & musician

By on Dec 1, 2015 in Featured | 0 comments

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My name is Avner Shaked and I’m a web entrepreneur, Lecturer, UI&UX designer and musician.

In 2003 I graduated 4 years of animation studies in Tel-Aviv with an animation movie named Elevators. After I showed it in a few animation festivals, I was sure that I’m going to have a long career as an animator and I was already planning my next movie. But without noticing I started to design websites for friends and some clients, and soon I found myself having a small web design business. I named it Shkedim Studio (which means almonds in Hebrew). While constantly improving my design skills, I was interested in the way search engine works and I was able to capture the first places in google in relevant keywords and since then people and businesses are constantly contacting me regarding web design. After that it was natural to start offer SEO services also to my clients, so they can enjoy also a flow of clients. Soon after my girlfriend joined me and helped me make Shkedim one of the most professional web design studios in Israel.

One of my biggest passion is teaching and lecturing. I had the opportunity to teach in a few design schools around the world, subjects such as interaction design, user experience, web design, application design, business design, entrepreneur, SEO, and online marketing. If you’re looking for a lecturer, I’m always happy to teach and transfer the things I learned across the years.

In 2006 we decided its time for an exciting vacation and we took a plane to the north of India. In Dharamsala, a place where the Dalai Lama is resident, we found a small house on the green mountains with a nice balcony. There we had a new exciting thought that we can do all of our work in the studio, from a remote and amazing place anywhere in the world. We were very excited from this idea and wrote all of the things we need to do in the business in order to make it happen. We went back to Israel and redesign our business so we will be able to work from anywhere in the world while being geographically free. We looked at it as an experiment and in 2009 we went back to India, this time with 2 laptops, while a project manager was in charge of talking with clients and going to meetings. Since then we didn’t look back and it’s now 4 years that we’re living a nomadic lifestyle, living in different places around the world, moving slowly, and always working half of the time and in the 2nd half trying to enjoy and explore the place we’re at. We now know that we’re not the only ones who’re doing it and there is even a name for it – Digital Nomad.

In 2009 I co-founded Redhead Digital. An international web agency specializing in Interaction design, including websites, applications and user experience. We had clients from places such as Canada, United states, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

In 2010 I won a competition that gave me a full free scholarship in a master in business design in Domus Academy. A famous design school in Milan, Italy. This was an amazing year where I met many talented people from all over the world (35 students from 24 different countries!) . The master in business design program was about entrepreneurship, innovation and how to use design methodology in order to improve businesses. I felt this master program was made for me and I finished the degree with honor.

In 2013 I joined a new and exciting company named GuruShots, as the head of design and user experience. GuruShots is a place where amature photographers can improve their skills with the help of 200 professional photographers that lead the community and serve as mentors. We’re now working hard to completely redesign everything from the groundup, including the whole business model and products. I’m very excited and confident about this business because i feel we have something strong that nobody offer on the web.

In 2018 I founded OnCourse. A new & exciting online platform for creative courses happening in different locations in the city, teached by leading creative people. We’re now initiating around 7 new courses every month, while developing the platform that will allow teachers to create offline courses to small groups of people. We connect teachers, students & spaces in the city. We give the teacher all the things he needs in order to concentrate in what he does best – teaching! We supply the space, the collection of payment, marketing & online exposure and many more things. OnCourse is still in its startup phase but we’re a team of 5 people and we believe it’s going to become a very big global company in the near future.

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